Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Master of Business Administration, UUM, Malaysia.Bachelor of Business Administration Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.Diploma in Public Administration, UITM, Shah Alam. Malaysia.
Married to Norlena Mohd Janis. Has four kids, eldest NurZetty Affira, Assistant Secretary, Finance Division, Ministry of Higher Education, Mohammad Harith, just graduated from Islamic International University, Malaysia in Political Science, Mohammad Haziq, Sultan Idris Shah Polytechnic , Sabak Bernam, Selangor majoring in Computer Programming and Mohammad Haiqal(deceased) born on Oct 7, 1993 and departed on Feb 6, 2007 due to lukemia. Miss him so much.

I was born on 23rd Oct, 1955 at Kampong Astana Raja, Kota, N. Sembilan. My father Said Katas was a rubber tapper and my mother Kalthum Ahmad was full time housewife. I have 4 sisters (two deceased)and 5 brothers (one deceased. Beside tapping rubber my father taking care of the kampong mosque and was called a "Tok Siak". He took care of the kampong mosque till he died at the age of 80 in 1999. Beside as Tok Sik my father too perform the cleaning up of the a dead body of muslim man before burial. He did that too till he died as a result of fell down into a drain in front of our house while riding a bicycle. He suffered injuries and admitted to Seremban Hospital and died after 2 weeks admission. My father teaching kampong children to read Quran. All children in my kampong known him as Cik Said(short form of Uncle in Malay)and was very strict in teaching Quran. Off course me too, learned reading Quran from him was tough. He likes to shout and auto hitting your knee while scolding you. I learned from the hardship.
What I miss on my mom is her cooking. I never found any one cook like her cooking. So delicious and finger licking. I still remember when I study in USA she sent me "rendang ayam" even the postage is more expensive than the cost of making rendang. The other thing I remember, she kept some pickles of palm seed (sweetened) when she heard that I am coming back from my overseas posting in Bahrain. I ate that palm seed. It was so sweet as sweet as my mom.

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en_me said...

salam, me studi kat nau tahun 1985-1989.. stumble on ur blog.. keep it up..