Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MBA Degree

I have an ambition since childhood. Eventhough I was brought up in kampong environment and as per Malay proverb say"As frog stays under the coconut shell" but my thinking was always something beyond imagination. I was an average student during my primary school days. If counted I got only one prize as number three in religous examination during my standard six exam. Those days conventional study and religious study was seperated and not combined as it todays. I did not know that I could make it to this level. My intention to enroll back to school is for:

  • self satisfaction
  • as an idol to my children to pursue their study to a highest level.
  • as an encouragement to study together with my youngest son Muhammad Haiqal to prepare himself to sit for PMR exam.
  • to add colour to my qualification.

Allhamdulillah, I manage to get the MBA Degree within two years. I really dont know how I manage to get it within two years as I was down by looking after my sick son Muhammad Haiqal. He was hospitalised since I enrolled to this programme till February 6th, 2007 where he was departed after struggling on "Lukemia" for six months. During my first semester my late son was hospitalised at Ampang Putri Specialist Centre. Immediately after work, I prepared some foods for my son and brought it to hospital. I did my assignment and study in the hospital and some time I slept there to accompany my wife. Thanks Allah for giving me a good and dedicated wife.

Weekend, I have class till 10 p.m. Again need to rush to hospital to be with my son and wife. During the weekdays, I manage to have a group discussion for group project that required to be submitted before date line. I manage to monuerve my schedule between work, hospital, study and group discussion and attending class. I got good result during my first semester.

My second semester was so depressed as at that time my son condition deteriorated. He was admitted to ICU. During my final exam my son was still in ICU.

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