Thursday, November 6, 2008


I got to know my wife through my clerk when I was attached to Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Marketing office at Komplek Tun Razak, Johor Bharu. I was the Marketing Officer and assisted by two administrative clerks and one office boy cum driver. Our job was to introduced a newly established BSN and to inform public the main function and introducing a new product "Premium Savings Certificate" as part of deposit collection followed by winning prizes for every three months.
My clerks name was Siti Hawa Majid and Rozali Sakio. My office boy was Hamid. Siti Hawa and my wife were together when they both attended "Outward Bound School", Lumut, Perak. That how they knew each other and keep intouch till I met her in my office. She came to see Siti Hawa and dropped in my office. Hawa introduced her to me and others as her friends from Kuala Lumpur(KL). At the same time one of my coursemate from ITM came in Rezal (Pen. Pengarah Bomba , Johor, at that time). I dont talked that much as I was out of word and nothing much to say. Thats was my style no idea to talk if face to face and more things to say through phone conversation. What I like most and attracted to her was her hairy knee. Thats what I was attracted most. I dont know why I like her hairy knee, even till today I never revealed it to my wife. Today, she has no more hairy knee, offcourse I love her.

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