Monday, April 27, 2009


Malaysia like to travel overseas even during economic down turn. With stiff competition among our local air carrier have make travel easy for our Malaysian. If you happend to be at LCCT, you see many Malaysian travel at least to neighbouring country. Many of them would visit Indonesia, Thailand and Philippine. Other destination includes Brisbane, London and India. Off course you need to bring money to those country for expenses. You require to change your money to their currency as malaysian money has no legal tender over there. When you purchase those currency you create s transaction whic will lead to spent money overseas. You earn here in Malaysia and spend your money overseas. Do you know that how much money spent by Malaysian during their overseas trip. In one year more than RM150 million spent by Malaysian overseas. It means that our local economy shrinking by the same amount here. If we spent the same amount in Malaysia at least we are helping our own economy and give some business opportunity to Malaysian. The multiplying effect will be around RM450 million per year. Ok fine, if you are travelling overseas please make sure you purchase a genuine currency note to protect your self from being detained by the authority for using fake currency. Have a good journey.

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