Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I always read newspaper early in the morning. I belief that the best time to read paper is early in the morning. The first page that I like to read is Business News. Here you know about business activity and our nation economic's well being. Last week I read liberization of equity in service sector. This week another liberization on financial sector and swapping of talented staff between public sector and private sector. Its good intially but I feel that long term effect will not be better. We all are human. We are subject and expose to all risk and circumstance and environment. We will turn greedy if we hold a post for too long. We might feel too comfortable in the basket. I agreed as filling the post is not to warm up the chair but must act on it. Our action must be considerate and make sure we are not that rigid in implementing our policy towards human being. Result cannot be achieved through machine implementation but need assistance form human too.

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salamm abg rahim.. me ada tinggal komen sblm ni.. lamerr dah.. if u dont mind, me nk tanya few things..