Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have observed that almost daily we heard feotus was thrown inside the river, bin, toilet and even at mosque or surau. What really happening to our people especially our youngster?. Dont they fear of the law?. Dont they fear of God?. I belief that they dont have feeling in doing this. They only have feeling when they have sex with their partner. What cause this social problem?.

I observed that all youngster involved in this case due to less guidance from parent, influence from close friend, try to get new experience and too expose to cross culture.

Parent are mostly working. Both of them find their own way to work, drive their own car and come back late evening. Their focus is on their organisation where they work and money for their satisfaction. Children will be left behind with the maid or alone to take care of themselves.
Some parent send their children to school early in the morning even the children school hour starts in the afternoon. Do you know what is your child doing in the morning?. May be your child going to cyber cafe, smoking or play truant. That how it started. Friends play important role here. If they mixed with good one the result will be good. If not otherwise.

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