Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Just wandering around what do you really need in life?. Money, asset, love, care or just life what will be will be....If you observed all well to do people still searching something that they really dont know what to expect. Billionaires still searching money and wealth. Pretty woman still need to be more georgeous and man still need woman as partner. Can you leave all those behind?. You will be mad. Just take for example a recent retired workers will find it awesome immeadiately after retirement. When people ask what you do after retirement the response will " I will do what ever I cant do during my working days". How long it will take for you to spent your time to do all that.

After some time you feel bored and dont know what to do. You need to spend valuable retiring time. Some retirees went back to working world. Can we do it in Malaysia. In Japan workers retire at 65. After retirement thay can opt to work with company that require workers to work with less stress and heavy duty. They can work as toll collector or parking care taker. They still earn money at the same time they enjoy their daily life meeting all sorts or people.

In Malaysia, once retired you are bound to stay home, no organisation will reemploy you as golden age people are considered as non productive. Unless you are Tan Sri or Dato' just retired from goverment service you may offered of Chairmanship of certain organisation. For those who are not getting emlpoyment may try to get intouch with old friends for chatting. In kampong they will meet at kedai kopi. In town like KL they will gather at mamak stall or well off may end up at Coffee Bean or Od Town White Coffee.

Do our government taking care of retiree?. No you have to take care of your own. God Bless YOU.

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