Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I attended my Boss wedding last Sunday at Oriental Pavillion Chinese Restaurant, Petaling Jaya Section 13. I arrived there just before 7.00 pm to make it on time as mentioned in the invitation card.

I thaught Chine wedding must be on time as compared to Malay wedding reception. Alas! Malaysian is Malaysian, I have to wait till 8.45 pm then only dinner was served. We are lucky as our Boss understand our requirement to attned the wedding must be served with "HALAL" food. If no Halal food for us we will not attend the reception.

Most our colleague from our office attended the wedding and we really enjoy the food as it was ordered specially for us. Later Mr Peter England (Head of Retail Banking) and his wife joined us for the dinner as he see our dinner course dinstinguished from others. I left the place around 10.PM.

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