Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was recommended by the Dr to operate my Vericose Veins to tighten up the valves. After scanning the Dr found out that, there were three spot needed to be repaired. I agreed as if not done I will suffer from skin ulcer.

So on August 4, 2009 minor operation was done on three spot at my left leg. After the operation the Dr told me I have a diabetic. My question was that" Why the Dr dont check my blood before performing the operation?. The Dr sholud check my blood first before performing operation. The Dr did asked me whether I have diabetic and I replied to him as far as I remembered after doing executive profile one and half years ago my blood was diabetic free.

As a professional he should do the blood test and not to rely on patient. He could charge patient in performing the test. That should save me from mental sufferring and physically suffering.

The operation was done at Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd. The Dr showed me the veins that have taken out from my leg. It look like chicken intestine. On 6th August, I was discharged and very cheerful about it and required to come back on the 17th August to take out the stitches.

After the stitch was taken out I went to Selayang to do some grocery shopping with my wife. In the mids of shopping Pusrawi Hospital called me up and informed me that the LG from PM Care was used for payment during my consultation in the afternoon. They need to refund back the amount that I have paid to them. I told them I would be coming before 10.00 pm.

Just before Maghrib I reached there and wanted to perform Maghrib pray. When I lifted my slack I found out that my sock was red with blood. Immediatelly I rushed to emergency unit and told the nurse in attendance that I need to see a Dr to check my wound. The Dr later found that there was an opening that oozed the blood to come out. My mind was thinking do I need to be hospitalised again?. Why there was opening there ? . I have done three operations and never had experienced like this before.

I was so frustrated, so I will not recommend any of my family to perform any health check with the same Hospital.

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